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We are leaders in the race to discover precisely how the immune system defends against pulmonary infection and disease.
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Fast Facts

History  Trudeau Institute was originally founded in 1884 as a tuberculosis sanitarium. In 1964, it was reorganized as a non-profit biomedical research center.


Today The Trudeau Institute is a world-renowned leader in the effort to better understand the immune system for the purpose of preventing and treating human diseases. Our expertise and enthusiasm for modeling infection, immunity, vaccination, inflammation and sepsis have led to many pioneering discoveries. Mouse models currently studied at the Institute include influenza, parainfluenza, influenza-associated bacterial pneumonia, bacterial sepsis, pneumonic plague, tuberculosis, toxoplasmosis, and chronic herpesvirus infection. Our scientists are available for sponsored research, grant partnering and consulting. 


Mission To make breakthrough discoveries that lead to improved human health.


Focus Eradication of infectious and inflammatory disease through basic research aimed at the development of vaccines and immune-based therapeutics.

 • Financing The Trudeau Institute is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. Institute operations are supported by federal grants, private foundations, donor contributions, and endowments.
 • Facilities 42 acres in Saranac Lake, New York. Facilities include approximately 90,000 square feet of research and support space and 18 on and off campus buildings, including housing for faculty and postdoctoral fellows.
 • Honors Rated among the top "Best Places to Work" for scientists and postdoctoral fellows by The Scientist magazine.


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