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Trudeau Institute possesses valuable assets for companies developing immunology-based products. These assets include intellectual property licensing opportunities and our collection of well-characterized mouse models of infection (influenza, tuberculosis, plague, pneumonia, herpes) and inflammation (sepsis). These models provide a platform for testing immune-based therapeutics and vaccine strategies. We also maintain an array of over 100 genetically modified mouse strains; a precious resource that enables efficient study of immunological mechanisms. These resources, coupled with our relevant expertise, facilitate the early evaluation of drug and vaccine targets. They also provide a path to understanding and preventing off-target impacts on immunity and/or unexpected infectious disease complications.

We are leaders in the race to discover precisely how the immune system defends against infection and inflammatory disease. We seek partners to help translate our discoveries to the clinic. We can envision a number of mutually beneficial partnering arrangements, and we look forward to discussing them with you.

For additional information, please contact:

Atsuo Kuki, Ph.D.
President & Director

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