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The Trudeau Institute's fundamental research on immunity fosters the development of vaccines, treatments and cures for many life-threatening diseases, including cancer, tuberculosis and influenza.

Since its founding in 1884 as a tuberculosis treatment and research facility, the Trudeau Institute has been committed to improving health through medical research. Today, 128 years later, the Institute is home to eight research teams, who all study some aspect of infection and immunity, but across a variety of different pathogens.

Our studies focus not only on immune responses to major infectious diseases, such as influenza and tuberculosis, but also on the role of the immune system in cancer, autoimmunity, and aging. Trudeau scientists benefit from this blend, which allows them access to colleagues with common interests but varied expertise and fosters a unique synergy that we feel is instrumental to our success.

Everyone at the Trudeau Institute is dedicated to creating and maintaining a robust collaborative culture, which in part led to our impressive ranking at the top of a recent survey of “Best Places for Postdoctoral Associates to Work” conducted by The Scientist magazine. In a separate survey, Trudeau ranked among the top in an analysis of the impact of its published research papers.

The advances our scientists make will lead to the development of improved vaccines and therapies for many of the world’s most devastating diseases. We hope our website will help you better understand our mission and the global impact of our discoveries.

Thank you for your interest. Please visit often to follow our progress!

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