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Advancing Medical Research through Philanthropy

When Dr. Edward Livingston Trudeau initially established the Trudeau Institute in 1884, its primary purpose was to serve TB patients of limited financial means. Aside from modest fees from those who could afford to pay for care, the Institute came to rely on philanthropy as a mainstay for supporting the important work of caring for patients and conducting tuberculosis research.

Still, over 125 years after our founding, philanthropy continues to play a critical role in advancing medical research both at Trudeau and throughout the United States. Philanthropic support is critical to the our mission, helping augment federal funds by providing funding for pilot projects, young scientists, specialized equipment, facilities, and other items generally not funded through research grants, yet vital in ensuring the Institute’s future successes.

For more information on the variety of ways you can partner with Trudeau to support its mission, please contact:

The Office of Institutional Advancement

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